Thursday, 27 January 2011

Oh, Wes.....

Last night I watched 'My Soul To Take', last year's horror movie written and directed by Wes Craven. It is his first film since 2005's Red Eye and on the evidence of his latest effort, maybe he should have waited a bit longer. Ok, maybe that isn't completely fair, Craven is not a bad director but he maybe he should have let someone else write the script.
The film focuses on a serial killer,who has a split personality, as he kills his wife, doctor and says the 'c' word within the first ten minutes. You know, because he's bad. Anyway, The guy dies and we jump 16 years later and meet the 7 teenagers who were born the night the evil sweary dude died (or didn't). And since this is a horror film, or at least trying to be, the kids get picked off one by one.
It sounds ok, but trust me, the film is so confusing I think even Wes himself was having trouble keeping up. We care not about any of the characters, one in particular we aren't even given time to give a shit about as he's killed as soon as he's introduced. Two love interests are set up but swiftly dealt with as is the main antagonist to the lead character. It's as though Craven is trying to mess with convention but sucks at it. The second half of the movie quickly goes downhill as Craven apparently just threw his script in the air and yelled 'fuck it, it's supernatural!' Oh, and the film was released in (converted) 3D but watching it in 2D, I couldn't pick out anything that I thought would look good to see will wearing  those chunky faux shades at the cinema.
So, if I had to rate 'My Soul To Take' in terms of Wes Craven's other films, sadly it is more 'Deadly Friend' than 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'. Hopefully Scream 4 will be a return to form for him, although, he did make Scream 3.....

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