Saturday, 14 January 2012

My 20 Favourite Movie Scores From The 80s (Part One)

 20. Ghostbusters (Elmer Bernstein 1984)
One of my absolute favourite films of all time. So, why is the score so low on this list? Simple- while it's great, it's not one I return to to listen to again and again. Some of the themes are fantastic though, especially the jaunty main theme for the Ghostbusters and some of the tracks are suitably creepy.

19. Little Monsters (David Newman, 1989)
Sure the film's a bit of  a mean-spirited mess, not really knowing just how old it's target audience is supposed to be but Newman's score is great. It has some beautiful piano themes and also some bits of creepiness when needed, it is one of the most underrated scores of the 1980s.

18. Tango & Cash (Harold Faltermeyer, 1989)
The only Faltermeyer score on this list (oops, spoilers) and my favourite of his. Sure he is more famous for the Beverly Hills Cop score but the highly popular Axel F is the only real good track from that movie. With Tango & Cash, Faltermeyer creates a load of themes. There's one each for the two leads, one for Tango and his sister and a love theme for the sister and Cash. Sure the electronic keyboards sound a bit dated now, but I still love it. There's also an awesome action theme-

17. Scrooged (Danny Elfman, 1988)
There is no denying that Danny Elfman is a talented man but there is also no denying tht a lot of his scores sound somewhat alike. It has all the redeeming features people associate with one of his scores. I enjoy the film but I adore the score, it's full of Christmas motifs and has a great use of a choir. It's Elfman at his most.....Elfman-like.

16. The Golden Child (Michel Colombier 1986)
Like Tango & Cash, this is one of those scores that is very 1980s. Also, I know it is not cool to say this, but I actually prefer this this to the rejected score by the legendary John Barry. The action themes alone are fun to listen to even if the scenes they accompany in the film aren't all that fun to watch....

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