Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My 20 Favourite Movie Scores From The 80s (Part Two)

15. "Crocodile" Dundee (Peter Best 1986)
Bit of a wildcard, this one but I love it. One of the breakout hits of the 1986, the film tells the story of an Australian in New York. Aussie composer Best uses tradional instruments from his home country in his score. It has three significant themes, one for Mick Dundee, one for him in New York and one for his love story with the blonde reporter assigned to tell his story. The themes are so catchy I decided to include the Overture from the soundtrack that showcases them all.

14. Gremlins (Jerry Goldsmith 1984)
I fricking love Gremlins. Just wanted to say that, I really do, the film is awesome. I also love Jerry Goldsmith. Sure, some of his scores from the 80s were a bit dodgy (hello, Runaway) as he experimented with different techniques but he was still awesome. He did this with Gremlins, too, adding creature sounds to the background etc. I don't love all of the Gremlins score but it is included for having one of the best theme tunes of the '80s in the form of The Gremlin Rag

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