Sunday, 12 February 2012

My 20 Favourite Movie Scores From The 80s (Part Four)

10. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (James Horner, 1982)
Star Trek- Whoooooooooooo!

9. Batman (Danny Elfman, 1989)
A score that a lot of superhero movies tried to copy (Elfman himself did it with Darkman the following year) this triumphant fanfare of a score is great fun. It's 100% better than that soundtrack Prince released for the film.

8. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (John Williams, 1989)
This was the first Indiana Jones film I saw in the cinema and ws lso the first movie soundtrck CD I ever bought. I also had the Marvel Comics adaptation. I was a bit of a fan, can you tell? Still am, actually....

7. The Goonies (Dave Grusin, 1985)
One of those films that you either love or hate. People, like myself, who grew up with it, love it but I can understand if someone who watches it for the first time now, as an adult, may hate it. The Goonies was one of those films I recorded off the tv on its very first showing (it was a Saturday night) that I watched on a loop. I didn't know at the time that the film was edited for language, so imagine my surprise when I saw the full version for the first time. Anyway, love this score and his is my favourite trck from it.

6. Back To The Future (Alan Silvestri, 1985)
My favourite film of all time and the best score Slan Silvestri has ever done in my opinion. Just listen to this, it's awesome!

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