Monday, 20 February 2012

My 20 Favourite Movie Scores From The 80s (Part Five)

5. Commando (James Horner, 1985)
 Why is this higher than, say,  E.T., I hear you ask and the answer is simple- it's my list, so deal with it. Seriously, though, I am compiling this list, partly, on relistenability and Horner's Commando score is one I listen to on a regular basis. It is the first of only two scores on the list to feature a saxophone but forget that, it's all about those steel drums, baby! This is the last Horner score in the list......

 4. Die Hard (Michael Kamen, 1988)
My favourite action film of the 80s and Kamen’s first entry. Is it his only entry? Maybe, you’ll have to wait and see, you impatient person, you. Anyway, Die Hard rocks and I love the way Kamen mixes Ode To Joy into it at various intervals as well as Christmas bells, a technique he used  a year earlier in the also-set-at-Christmas Lethal Weapon

3. Raiders of the Lost Ark (John Williams, 1981)
The last John Williams score on my list and it's a doozy. Not much I can say about the awesomeness of Raiders, just listen to this track. Listen to it!!

2. Poltergeist (Jerry Goldsmith, 1982)
It is fitting that a film about ghosts should have such a haunting score. It’s that man Goldsmith again, in his final appearance in my top 20. His score has the correct mix of whimsy, childlike innocence and creepiness, it’s just a beautiful score and I almost had difficulty picking my favourite track….

1. Lethal Weapon (Michael Kamen & Eric Clapton, 1987)
Ok, this one may surprise people (except those that actually know me) but I freaking love this score. Written  by Kamen and Clapton and with Guitar by Clapton and Sax by Sanborn, this is possibly my favourite action score ever. A lot of people bemoan the use of saxaphone in the score and mock it for it’s 80’s-ness but I think it is used well here. I m no real fan of the sax, but as a character theme (sax is Roger, Guitar is Riggs) it works. I can listen to this score again and again, I love it. Plus, this is one of my favourite tracks from the soundtrack and there no sax or guitar to be heard....

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