Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Things I've Learned From DVD Commentaries 2

Film: First Blood (1982)
Commentator: Sylvester Stallone (co-writer/star)

Sly almost forgets to introduce himself, doing so halfway through his first sentence.
He hated the original idea but decided to do it as the script had been passed on by almost every leading man in Hollywood.
Even though he signed on to star, Sly tried to get out of it, even resorting to almost breaking his own hand.
Stallone chose to play Rambo almost child-like in the first scene so his change to violent man would shock the audience.
All the people Rambo names in the photo are actual the names of crew members.
Sly sees the scene where Rambo throws the address book into the fire as the exact moment where he changes.
Although it isn't mentioned in the film, the Sheriff's problem with Rambo is purely personal. As a veteran of the Korean war, the Sheriff resented the way Vietnam vets were favoured.
Stallone really broke a dude's nose during the police station fight.
During the bike chase, the moment where the police car slides down the hill was a complete accident. The director loved it, though, and kept it in.
Sly was editing Rocky 3 while making this film.
Rambo's knife was custom made for the character.
Stallone was really standing at the edge of that fecking high cliff. He was terrified so the director tied rope to his leg which would make the retrieval of his body easier, should he fall.
Sly broke a rib during his part of the tree fall stunt.
Kirk Douglas was originally cast as Trautman but he apparently re-wrote his scenes in order to give himself action scenes. He left the film citing 'creative differences'.
Stallone doesn't know all the words to the Addams Family theme.
Apparently, the scene in the cave where Rambo is being lit by the fire torch was real. No artificial light was used.
Sly considers First Blood to be the best action film he has made. Yes, even over Tango & Cash!
The original cut of the film ran fo around 3 and a half hours and was universally hated, according to Sly.
Stallone really shouldn't end commentaries with 'This is Sylvester Stallone, coming from the planet Earth. Ciao'.

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